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97 Charlotte Street
London, W1T

Popcorn Outdoor specialise in out of home and digital out of home marketing. With our network of digital screens and 6-sheet poster sites, we help your campaign to target the 16-24 demographic in students' unions and music venues.

Unsigned Poster Project

What is the unsigned poster project?

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As part of our ongoing support for the uk music industry, we offer free rental to unsigned bands and artists in our vacant music venue poster panels! If ever there is a time period where a campaign isn't booked, we use our panels to advertise some of the most interesting new artists who are up and coming in the UK. 

How to apply

If you're interested the first step is to give Sophia an email:

She can advise on design formats, size guides, and make recommendations for printing companies. The only thing we ask you to do is supply a poster to fit our panels we'll sort the rest!

Obviously anything really obscene/controversial might be rejected, by the venue so try to keep it in line with the Advertising Standards Agency's guidelines (

Why would I want to put posters up?!

Studies show that the most effective marketing plan includes Out Of Home advertising in conjunction with social media. By putting up posters with social media information, you're more likely to make a lasting impact. Not to mention, there are over a million Facebook pages for bands out there- it can be hard to stand out with social media alone. By advertising in music venues, you will be getting a direct link to music lovers and gig goers, just the people you might want to check out your sound cloud and turn up at your next gig!

Or, worst comes to worst, you're 55 with 3 kids and a mortgage, but in the shed, you've still got a great high quality poster hanging up, reminding you of your glory days...

A few of our recent posters

A few of our recent posters